Review: Lovecrumbs

Lovecrumbs, just up from Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, is a cake lovers heaven. They’ve just started serving lunch but up until recently they only sold cakes, and more cakes and loads of cake. They also have a killer hot chocolate. It’s so ridiculously smooth. It’s bitter, rich and satisfying thick. It’s in my top five hot chocolates […]

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Review: Chocolate Tree

The Chocolate Tree in Bruntsfield is a mecca for those who are chocolate minded. Cakes, ice cream, bars, hot, cold, in shots. They’ve got it all. And they do it really bloody well. The hot chocolate comes in around 12 different varieties and flavours, including different percentages of chocolate and hazelnut flavour. I picked out […]

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The King’s drinking chocolate

Chocolate was introduced to England in the 1650s. However, it wasn’t eaten in the solid form we’re used it. It was a drink. It wasn’t even the sweet Cadbury’s instant chocolate powder that most people take for drinking chocolate. It was a complex and time consuming process that required a lot of skill. First cocoa […]

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Review: Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast on Broughton Street has become one of my go to places for a pre-choir read and relax. At first it’s main appeal was that it was open till 7.30pm, rare to find an independant cafe that caters to an evening crowd. Second, it’s halfway down the road to choir. But most importantly, the […]

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Welcome to anti coffee

Welcome to all you hot chocolate fiends. I love coffee shops. I love people watching, reading, chatting and hanging out in the delightful atmosphere of the cafe. But, here’s the rub, I detest coffee. I’ve never liked the taste and avoid it as much as possible. So what does one do when there are so […]

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