Welcome to anti coffee

Welcome to all you hot chocolate fiends.

I love coffee shops. I love people watching, reading, chatting and hanging out in the delightful atmosphere of the cafe. But, here’s the rub, I detest coffee. I’ve never liked the taste and avoid it as much as possible. So what does one do when there are so many great cafes to chill in but not the love of the expected beverage? Tea drinking? Sort of boring.

Hot, or drinking, chocolate was the go to drink in the 17th century. It was seen as a luxuary for Princes and Earls, and the most fashionable place to be seen was the Chocolate House. I love chocolate and having it hot and liquid is one of my favourite days to take the sweet stuff. Hence it being my go to drink. I’m here to show you that hot chocolate is more than just a sweet, kid friend drink. It’s a drink of kings and can be done as well or as badly as coffee.

Keep reading for reviews of hot chocolate around the world.


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