Review: Chocolate Tree

The Chocolate Tree in Bruntsfield is a mecca for those who are chocolate minded. Cakes, ice cream, bars, hot, cold, in shots. They’ve got it all. And they do it really bloody well.

The hot chocolate comes in around 12 different varieties and flavours, including different percentages of chocolate and hazelnut flavour. I picked out a traditional organic for £2.80 to drink in.

The chocolate to drink in comes in a bowl of a mug. It’s seriously one of the largest hot chocolates I’ve had ever. It was a bit watery compared to others in my top 10 and didn’t have the satisfying thickness that you want with a hot chocolate. That being said, the flavour was amazing. Dark and bitter, not sickly sweet. I had an insane chocolate ganache cake with it (don’t judge me!) and the hot chocolate actually cut through the sweetness of the cake so there wasn’t a sugar overload. It’s probably similar to how I imagine the King’s chocolate would taste.

It did seem to thicken up a bit more as I drank it, however this might have just been a trick of the mind. I’d 100% recommend and I’m just sad I’ll be moving from Edinburgh before I get to try more of the different options.



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