Review: Harts Bakery, Bristol

This was an ultimate indulgence breakfast treat after all the trains out of Bristol were cancelled and our Saturday plans were ruined (dramatic much?). We were trying to get out to the Wiltshire countryside to meet my sister and nephews but there was some terrible signal failure, so we headed down below the station arches […]

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Review: The Crafty Fox, Bristol

Tonight was celebration hot chocolate time. I passed my PRINCE2 project management foundation course #bossbitch so treated myself to a tasty drink on the way home. It’s also freeeezing in Bristol at the moment and my hour long walk requires something warm to keep me going. I popped into The Crafty Fox in the Arcade […]

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Review: Mokoko, Bristol

I got ridiculously excited after the first sip of this hot chocolate because it was the first one in I’d had in Bristol that wasn’t too sweet and sugary. It’s had a great chocolate bitterness to it. After drinking the entire (generous) mugful I’d probably pitch it about midway in my rankings. It was nothing […]

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Review: Bakesmiths, Bristol

Oh Bakesmiths, so much potential, so much disappointment. I got a small mug with a tonne of milk foam on the top so the first taste was just milky sweetness, not chocolate. Seemed like the average, dull, regulation hot chocolate but I thought should give it the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes the first taste […]

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Review: The Crafty Egg, Bristol

This was a surprise winner. We were just wandering around Stokes Croft looking for somewhere to shelter from the rain when I found one of the best hot chocolates I’ve had in a long time. It doesn’t look that dark but it was thick, delicious and oh-so-chocolatey. It tasted much better than I expected with […]

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