Review: Bakesmiths, Bristol

Oh Bakesmiths, so much potential, so much disappointment.

I got a small mug with a tonne of milk foam on the top so the first taste was just milky sweetness, not chocolate. Seemed like the average, dull, regulation hot chocolate but I thought should give it the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes the first taste is deceptive.

But, the first taste wasn’t deceptive…it really wasn’t great. It was so sweet and tasted like it’d come out of a machine, rather than lovingly made by hand. All sweetness, no chocolate.

Part of the disappointment was that the food was insanely good, so it felt like they let themselves down by putting no effort into their hot chocolate. I would really recommend going for lunch and getting a massive slice of sourdough topped with delicious mounds of avocado, peppers and a poached egg, or fresh pea, broad bean and goat cheese with crushed mint. There was a really interesting selection of beers and wine and Sunday afternoon jazz.

My review: I’d come back for the food but would ignore the hot chocolate. Unless there was a hot chocolate emergency.


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