Review: Alex does Coffee, Bristol

I walk past this place every day on the way to work and it always looked so inviting but I usually draw the line at hot chocolate before 9am (except in France, obviously…). But on Friday I was having a good day, it was sunny for the first time in about two weeks, my SAD was lifting, my PMS was banished and I was feeling a sunny winter Friday high.

Despite never having been in they greeted me like an old friend, and eventually it came out that they thought I can in all the time – clearly I’ve got a Bristolian doppelgänger. If you’re out there reading, get in touch.

Anyway, down to the chocolate. I got the dark hot chocolate, they had a white one but that’s not really my taste. It was one of the prettiest takeaway hot chocolates I’ve never had, with a lovely swirly heart, but I’m an idiot blogging novice and forgot to take a picture. I was a bit disappointed when I took my first sip – they has specially called it dark but it wasn’t as bitter as I’d been hoping. It was fine, a decent hot chocolate but it was sweeter than I like and not very thick –  a lack of umciousness (I think I’ve just made this word up but it works so well to describe a hot chocolate’s necessary thickness).

I’ll be back  for another I’m sure, they were so super nice in there but I wouldn’t go out of my way (and I’ve walked 5 miles for a hot chocolate before) to get another one.




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