Review: Harts Bakery, Bristol

This was an ultimate indulgence breakfast treat after all the trains out of Bristol were cancelled and our Saturday plans were ruined (dramatic much?). We were trying to get out to the Wiltshire countryside to meet my sister and nephews but there was some terrible signal failure, so we headed down below the station arches to Hart’s Bakery to cheer ourselves up with mega cheese toasties and hot chocolate.

I’ve never managed to try one of their cheese toasties before, they’ve always been sold out so even though it was only 10am I grabbed one. It was like heaven (the cheese! the bread!) and the semi-dark and beautifully smooth hot chocolate was the perfect accompaniment.

Hart’s is the kind of bakery/cafe we all dream of owning – perfect break and cakes that scream ‘EAT ME’. Their hot chocolate is make from a paste, to which hot milk is added. I always think this is more successful that powered hot chocolate which is never super smooth and often retains a powdery taste. I also love a place that tastes as much care and effort over it’s hot chocolate as it does over it’s coffee. Brava!

(make sure you grab some sourdough when you’re there…and maybe a peanut butter cookie…)


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