Review: St George Park Kiosk, Bristol

Oh man, this was a hot chocolate surprise. My mum was staying and she is always desperate for coffee. Within about two minutes of being in the park she’d walked off to the kiosk for a coffee and brought me back a fantastic hot chocolate.

She got chatting to the woman in there and found out that the hot chocolate is made with chocolate buttons, melted into hot water, then finished with boiled milk. The result is absolutely killer. It was a bit sweeter than my usual taste but so thick and delicious that I didn’t mind that much. It is a perfect accompaniment to a walk around the park on a winter day (or when you’ve got to stand in the playground waiting for your nephew to finish playing on the slide). I can’t really describe how wonderfully thick it was so you’re going to have to go and try one yourself. Take your sweet tooth.


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