Review: The Crafty Fox, Bristol

Tonight was celebration hot chocolate time. I passed my PRINCE2 project management foundation course #bossbitch so treated myself to a tasty drink on the way home. It’s also freeeezing in Bristol at the moment and my hour long walk requires something warm to keep me going.

I popped into The Crafty Fox in the Arcade in the middle of Bristol to get a dark hot chocolate (they also have milk, plain and white but by now, you know dark chocolate is the only way to go…)

Have to be honest, the service wasn’t great – I think the barista was having a terrible day because she was not happy to see me or to make my hot chocolate. But, despite the frosty welcome, the hot chocolate was delicious warming heaven. It was just on the right side of bitter, really sharp and strong. But creamy and thick at the same time. It’s a proper chocolate hit that lasts for hours. This has to be in my top 10 hot chocolates so far. I also LOVED the christmassy cup, it made me feel super seasonal. I’m ready for starting christmas proper tomorrow!

Dark hot chocolate at the Crafty Fox to takeaway was £2.85


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