Review: Society Cafe, Bath

On Sunday my mum and I finally went to explore Bath. I’ve never been before, which is unbelievable with my love of all things Jane Austen and Georgian. It was COLD. After exploring the amazing Roman Baths (I fully recommend a visit to ‘take the waters’) and a turn around the Christmas market there was only one thing that would do. Hot chocolate.

I was enticed by Society Cafe because they actually had a dedicated Hot Chocolate section on their big board menu. The chocolate is make with Willie’s Cocoa and came in three different types (dark 71%, milk and white). The menu described the process as melting the chocolate with boiling water and then blending with steamed milk. It was a recipe for perfection.

Sadly, the execution was lacking. They had made all the efforts to have a fantastic hot chocolate , everything I normally ask for but it left me wanting. It was very milky so while it had a bitter taste it was washed out. The staff were frazzled when I was in there so maybe they didn’t realise how bland they’d made it but they definitely needed to be more generous with Willie’s Cocoa, otherwise it’s just a bit mug of milk. They’d also topped it off with way to much milk foam – I am not a fan of milk foam. It has no place on a hot chocolate.

It was so disappointing but I think all they need to do is be a wee bit more generous with their chocolate (and less with their milk foam) and they’ve got all the ingredients for the real winner.


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