Review: Cafe Nero

I’m not just reviewing plain hot chocolate today. I’m reviewing the Hot Chocolate Milano by Cafe Nero.

This is the high street mother of all sweet and thick hot chocolates. Usually served with lashing of whipped cream (which I generally reject for a purer and less heart-stopping drink) it has approximately 70,000 calories and I’m pretty sure that drinking two in a row would kill you. Or at least give you a sugar induced panic attack.

I was obsessed with the Milano when I was 20. Me and my friends would have a Nero break (FYI, coffee shops were few and far between where I grew up so we didn’t do this when we were 13 like my colleague was telling me that her daughter does) from studying and gossiped over coffees and sweet treats. I was always tempted by the Milano. The lack of sophistication I had at 20 made me think this was the best Italian style hot chocolate in London.

Now I’m old and wiser, I’ve sampled hundreds of hot chocolates and know it’s mostly sugar. But it’s still thick, creamy and decadent and a proper treat blast from the past. If there’s no independent cafes around and you want a chocolate fix, you can do a lot worse than Milano.


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