Review: City Bakery, NYC

Oh SWEET MOTHER. This hot chocolate is heaven on earth. This is what all hot chocolates should aspire to be. I have found my one true love and it comes in a little blue takeaway cup. My first City Bakery hot chocolate was on an unusually sunny February New York day when we decided to […]

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Review: Este, Bristol

Look how PRETTY. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I got trapped by the rain in Este, on the way home from a walk. It was a delightful place to get trapped, filled with lovely artwork and super cheery staff. We ended up having supremely healthy veggie bowls, filled with delicious green things […]

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Review: Magnolia Bakery, New York

Loads of reviews coming up from my recent trip to NYC, with some absolutely winners, but lets start with the bad. Magnolia Bakery, known for its incredible cupcakes, seemed like a great place to grab a coffee/chocolate on the way to the theatre. It was slightly terrifying inside, with tourists trying to choose the best […]

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