Review: Este, Bristol

Look how PRETTY.

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I got trapped by the rain in Este, on the way home from a walk. It was a delightful place to get trapped, filled with lovely artwork and super cheery staff. We ended up having supremely healthy veggie bowls, filled with delicious green things but of course, I also had to try the hot chocolate.

It came looking like a masterpiece, with a lovely little biscuit and marshmallows on the side. The game was that I whisked the chocolate into the frothy milk and then poured it into the cup.

Sadly, this way of serving hot chocolate never works. The milk needs to be boiling hot to get the chocolate to melt so whenever it’s served like this I end up with a milky, frothy mess with little bits of floating chocolate. The idea and intension of this way of serving hot chocolate is wonderful and fun but it doesn’t produce the best results and I always end up disappointed.

Go for the veggie bowls and churros, maybe skip the hot chocolate and pick one of their many teas instead.


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