The anti coffee manifesto

This is a place for all those people who aren’t coffee addicts.

I have always adored hot chocolate but a few years after working on a project that involved a historic chocolate kitchen, I realised there is far more to hot chocolate than a children’s drink. It’s an ancient art, and done right, its freaking magical.

I want to try to blog as many hot chocolates as I can from as many places as possible so you know where to go to find the best.

What do you think makes the perfect hot chocolate?

I love rich, dark, thick hot chocolates that are bitter rather than sweet.

What ruins a hot chocolate?

Too much milk foam and marshmallows. Marshmallows toasted over a bbq = yes. In a hot chocolate = jesus no, get out.

What’s your real life job?

Sadly I’m not yet employed as a full-time hot chocolate tester. I work for a heritage organisation managing and developing temporary exhibitions. It’s amazingly good fun and hard work.